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Spokane Kitchen Cabinets - Selection and Installation

Kitchen cabinets are a core component of any kitchen project – cabinet style and craftsmanship play an important role in your overall kitchen design. From installing new cabinets to adapting existing fixtures, our team of professional contractors are able to assist you throughout the renovation process.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Quality custom cabinets come in a variety of designs and price points. Kitchen design possibilities are endless, and your cabinets design should match the aesthetic of the room. There are three general styles of cabinet, each with different features and pricing, determined by how the door or drawer sits in the frame.

Partial Overlay

Partial overlay cabinets involve doors that only partially cover the face frame of the cabinet – this saves money on materials while allowing you to maintain great quality. This variety of cabinetry tends to lend itself to traditional kitchen designs.

Full Overlay

Rather than covering just a part of the face frame, full overlay cabinets cover the entire cabinet face – they require more material and command higher prices than their partial alternatives. They provide a more streamlined look easily matched with modern designs, while still being more economical than inset cabinets as well.

Inset Cabinetry

Inset cabinetry involves doors and drawers that sit flush with the frame, rather than over it. They’re the most difficult to have installed due to the precision, craftsmanship, and specialized hardware required for the flush panel. While the most expensive option, these cabinets suit a variety of styles and are more resistant to daily bumps and scratches, since the edges are protected when the cabinet is closed.

The right choice for your kitchen remodel

Our contractors aim to provide you high quality cabinetry at the best prices. Whether you need cost effective solutions that add visual pop to your remodel or you need or quality inset cabinets for a craftsman-style project, our team can help match you with the right designs for your remodel. Interested in talking to a contractor about available services and options? Reach out to us at 509-404-0180 or fill out our form for a free project quote.