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With years of combined experience in kitchen design, flooring, cabinets, and more, Spokane Kitchen Remodels offers comprehensive kitchen remodeling services in the Spokane, WA, area. Whether your project is a simple update to wood floors, an swap to granite countertops with increased counter space, or an above and beyond transformation into your dream kitchen, we have the experience necessary to turn your kitchen into a brand new space. Our Spokane kitchen remodel professionals are here to help!

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What is included in a kitchen remodel service?

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Every kitchen remodel is as unique as every kitchen. Kitchen remodeling can include new flooring, custom cabinetry, changes to your electrical appliances, and even structural changes to better use your existing space. From a new breakfast bar to overhead lighting and everything in between, our remodeling contractors can assist you every step of the way.

The kitchen remodel process begins in the design phase, where we can work with you to determine a project perfectly suited to your goals and objectives for the space, as well as provide a free quote for the cost of quality work.

Once the kitchen remodel has been defined, our highly skilled contractors set to work on construction. Depending on the size of the project, this is where any layout changes or material substitutions (new tile flooring or countertops, for example) would take place. This includes changes to fixtures like new sinks and new cabinets as well.

When the work is complete, we conclude the project with you to make certain we’ve done an excellent job. We pride ourselves on a solid reputation for excellence, and want you to love your new kitchen as much as we do.

Save money in the long term

There are a variety of ways kitchen remodeling can save you money in the long term, ranging from lowering utility bills to preventing future repair costs. By doing your remodeling project now, you can save hundreds of even thousands of dollars in the future.

Heating and cooling bills can be easily impacted in the course of remodeling, by fixing common issues like drafty windows, flooring losing your heat, or inefficient layouts forcing your HVAC to work harder than it needs to. Updated appliances can save you money on water or energy usage as well, paying for themselves as they reduce your monthly utility costs.

While it is unlikely that the cost savings from your renovation will pay for the entirety of the home improvement project, it can easily make the kitchen one of the best places to start your home renovations.

Improving home value through your kitchen remodel

Even with recent changes in the costs and benefits of remodeling, kitchen remodeling remains one of the most valuable forms of home improvement. Per this report by JLC, kitchen remodels in the Pacific (including the inland northwest, like Spokane) show the following average returns on past projects in 2022:

  • Minor Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) – 77.9% ROI, vs national average of 71.2%

  • Major Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) – 64.2% ROI, vs national average of 56.1%

  • Major Kitchen Remodel (Upscale) – 59.3% ROI, vs national average of 52.5%

While every project and situation is different, kitchen remodeling remains a fantastic way to improve your house in Spokane, WA. Some of this can depend on your choice of kitchen remodeling companies and contractors. Our team of professionals is well versed in balancing your needs and budget, delivering the ROI you need with quality construction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are countless questions about this process, both in general and specific to the state of Washington. While we can help with the quotes and answers you’re looking for over the phone or through submissions using our form above, here are answers to some more general concerns.

What are some of the most valuable changes to make in a kitchen remodel?

While the possibilities for changing up your space are endless, there are a few smart changes to look at when remodeling your kitchen.


Sometimes all it takes to make a kitchen more functional and stylish is a new set of appliances, like stainless steel and energy efficient models that can attract future buyers and make life easier for you in the present. A few substitutions here can make your kitchen more functional and attractive in the eyes of prospective home-buyers.


Replacing countertops can also be a cost-efficient endeavor. While options like granite can be costly and may not provide the best return on investment, you can still get a low maintenance, natural stone alternative like quartzite that still provides visual pop to your cooking space.


The final common area of kitchen renovation is updating or replacing cabinetry. In order from least to most expensive and labor intensive, you can update fixtures, paint/reface, or even completely replace your cabinets in the process of a kitchen remodel. These are a massive visual focal point of the kitchen, and can greatly impact first impressions of the room.

What is the average cost to update a kitchen?

Per a report by JLC, the average remodeling costs in the Pacific region during 2022 were:

  • Minor Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) – $31,413, vs national average of $28,279

  • Major Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) – $88,229, vs national average of $80,809

  • Major Kitchen Remodel (Upscale) – $171,150, vs national average of $158,015

Meanwhile, Homeadvisor suggests that the overall average remodel is closer to the $14,549 to $40,425 range, which falls in line with JLC’s minor remodeling estimates.

What is the biggest expense in a remodel?

Cabinetry is often the biggest investment during the remodeling process, eating up to 25% of the budget. While these can provide some of the biggest returns in your remodel, they also account for some of the largest expenses.

How do you set a realistic budget for a kitchen remodel?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends budgeting 15-20% of your home’s value when setting aside funds for remodeling. While every project is different, this helps prevent over-investment into the kitchen where you won’t see optimal returns when it comes time to sell. As an example, for a $400,000 home it would be wise to stay within a budget of $60,000-$80,000, as spending beyond that point likely won’t see much better returns.

How can I cut costs while remodeling?

Focusing on smaller custom details in the construction of your kitchen can be one of the best ways to provide value while minimizing expenses. Forgoing ornate moldings and ornamentation in exchange for clean woodwork can help stretch your dollar the extra mile. Mid-range appliances that provide excellent function and durability while avoiding premium brand names can also help keep your project under budget. Ultimately, it’s best to handle a renovation in parts or simplify components where possible, rather than opt for lower quality materials or fixtures.

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